Dr. Timothy C. Tennent: Foundations of the Christian Faith

June 14, 2022

Today on the podcast, I welcomed Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Seminary, back to the podcast for the third time. So grateful that he could join us today to talk about his new […]


Dr. Alan Meenan: The Word Is Out

May 31, 2022

Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Dr. Alan Meenan, founder and president of The Word Is Out. He is the author of numerous articles, books and study guides. He teaches extensively throughout […]


Bishops Linda Adams & Keith Cowart: Free Methodist Church, USA

May 3, 2022

Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Bishop Keith Cowart and Bishop Linda Adams. Both are bishops of the Free Methodist Church USA. Both oversee portions of the US with Bishop Cowart overseeing […]


Major Andrew Murray: Finding God in Every Season

April 5, 2022

Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Major Andrew Murray, current Asbury Seminary student and officer in the Salvation Army. Andrew has been a Salvation Army pastor since ordination in 1985. For 37 […]


Dr. Stacy Minger: Why I Love Preaching

March 22, 2022

Today on the podcast, I got to talk to my friend Dr. Stacy Minger. Dr. Minger is the Associate Professor of Preaching at Asbury Seminary and has been teaching here since 2004. In 2007 she […]


Drs. Mark Dunwoody and Winfield Bevins: Missional Formation Coaching

June 15, 2021

Overview Dr. Winfield Bevins and Dr. Mark Dunwoody, co-founders of Missional Formation Coaching, joined the podcast today. Together, they have more than four decades of experience training and coaching leaders from around the world. They’ve […]


Rev. Teddy Ray: The Next Right Step

June 1, 2021

Overview Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Rev. Teddy Ray, Asbury Seminary alum, co-owner of North Lime Coffee and Donuts and lead pastor of the Offerings Community of First United Methodist Church […]


Andi Wallace

June 8, 2022

For Andi Wallace, working as an FBI special agent was more than investigations, stakeouts and long hours. It was a place where her faith and her work intersected to serve justice and provide support to […]