Deanna Lynn & Kristina Osborn: Integrated

July 13, 2021

Overview Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Deanna Lynn and Kristina Osborne. Together they authored and ghost-wrote Integrated: Living Beyond the Sex Trade. In a previous episode of Thrive, Deanna shares her story of […]


John Carroll: Discipleship & Relationship

June 29, 2021

Overview Today on the podcast, I got to talk to John Carroll. John is an Asbury Seminary alum and has served in the local church for over ten years in many areas including youth ministry, […]


Drs. Mark Dunwoody and Winfield Bevins: Missional Formation Coaching

June 15, 2021

Overview Dr. Winfield Bevins and Dr. Mark Dunwoody, co-founders of Missional Formation Coaching, joined the podcast today. Together, they have more than four decades of experience training and coaching leaders from around the world. They’ve […]


Rev. Teddy Ray: The Next Right Step

June 1, 2021

Overview Today on the podcast, I got to talk to Rev. Teddy Ray, Asbury Seminary alum, co-owner of North Lime Coffee and Donuts and lead pastor of the Offerings Community of First United Methodist Church […]


Mercy Langat

June 24, 2021

As a Kenyan immigrant to the U.S., Mercy Langat sometimes felt she belonged in two cultures, but sometimes not at all. While studying at Asbury Seminary, she learned the language to express, understand and integrate […]


Mike & Myra Watkins

June 22, 2021

Mike and Myra Watkins studied at different universities in North Carolina, but they shared a lifelong passion for what was at the time, the Soviet Union. The couple moved to Lviv, Ukraine, in 1993 to […]


Pastor Kevin York

May 26, 2021

According to Lifeway, it takes 80 Christians to reach one person every year, but with church planting, it takes 30 people to reach one non-Christian annually. Church planting transformed Kevin’s life, changing him from one […]


Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis: Wholeness of Body, Mind and Spirit

May 18, 2021

Overview Today on the podcast, I had the privilege of talking to Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis, Mississippi River District Superintendent. Dr. Davis served as a nurse for 24 years and later as a nursing instructor. […]