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Orphaned in India

Abraham grew up in Madurai in Southern India. His Hindu mother and father were from two different castes. With the threat of murder, his father’s family insisted his father divorce his mother then marry within his own caste. To save his life, his father obeyed his family, leaving Abraham fatherless. When Abraham was four, his refugee home separated him from his mother and sent him to a home for abandoned orphans.

Abraham was taught Christian hymns and Bible passages at this home. Yet he first met Jesus when he was 15 and immobilized with severe jaundice. His treatment was not affordable, and he was unable to stand on his own. With no one to help him to the lavatory, he cried out to God, “I will follow You if You will heal me.” Abraham was cured one week after his prayer, although doctors had estimated that healing could take a year.

At age 16, Abraham said to God while walking on a terrace, “I want to eat fish today.” Someone was drying pricey fish (Macreal) nearby, and a bird dropped two pieces on the ground near Abraham. “God affirmed  to me that He was hearing. I started putting more of my faith in God,” he says.

God’s Provision

Abraham dedicated his life to the Lord’s service at age 17. After obtaining a political science degree in college, Abraham’s pastor told him, “It’s time to attend theological seminary and prepare yourself for the ministry.” The pastor suggested a seminary in North India near New Delhi.

Abraham told the Lord, “I don’t have any money, but You will make a way.” And God provided. Abraham’s four years at the Indian seminary were miraculously covered by donations.

His second year in seminary, Abraham was once again sick with jaundice and instructed by doctors to eat only bland foods. Idli is a famous rice cake delicacy only found in Southern India. Abraham asked the Lord for it, even though it was not found in that region. He spoke to the Lord, saying, “You provided for Elijah using ravens. Fill me up.” The next morning, someone brought Abraham a lunchbox with Idli. Abraham wept, saying, “Lord, You are always with me.”

An Open Door

Abraham graduated from seminary in 2019. He applied for various ministry positions but received no responses. He considered pursuing a theological degree, but all of his applications to other seminaries were rejected. Abraham had been privileged to study under Dr. Craig Keener and Dr. Timothy Tennent during their visits to the seminary in North India. Abraham felt he would never get into Asbury Seminary. However, he applied and was accepted immediately.

“How will I pay tuition?” Abraham asked himself. He sent letters to numerous acquaintances requesting money, and two families paid his first year’s tuition. The miracles continued. As Abraham was waiting on a Visa, he was given the opportunity to join a medical mission trip in Kenya. After his trip, he was granted a Visa to America without any difficulty. Someone he’d met during the mission trip bought him a business class flight to America. Then, when Abraham arrived at Asbury Seminary, God met his needs for food, clothes, and a vehicle.

As he works towards a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministries, Abraham finds much-needed support on the Kentucky campus. “Asbury Seminary is a healing community. People like me, who carry hurts and wounds, find shelter and family here,” he says. “We discover an abundance of love, caring and attention… Even the professors pay special attention and concern to our academic success. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this is an outstanding establishment.”

A Vision for Christians in Need

Having grown up relying entirely on the provision of God, Abraham identifies with Christians all over the world who are at risk. He wants to act as a spokesperson for them and pursue justice on their behalf. Abraham intends to bring resources and people wherever God leads him. The church in India is not growing, because of financial crisis,” he explains. His vision is to mobilize teams who will teach various skills to help people improve their financial situation, whether in India or other places. “I want to provide a forum for downtrodden people like myself to find their purpose. I wish to open doors for them.” His ultimate goal is to spread the message that God has given every one of us freedom, including financial freedom. “They need spiritual nourishment but also physical sustenance,” he says. “People are exceptional and have numerous talents, but many don’t have a platform to utilize them. They need us to help them practice their gifts.”

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