Dr. Dean Cook

November 4, 2022

Dean Cook joined the Navy because he wanted to see the world. As a young man, Dean was interested in many things, but like a jigsaw puzzle dumped on a table, nothing connected. After meeting […]

Talbot Davis

September 7, 2022

Talbot Davis makes Scripture come alive! Until 10 years ago, he thought the Bible was part how-to manual, part science textbook, and part self-help. As he continued to study Scripture in context, he realized the […]

Obed Badilla

August 15, 2022

Since saying yes to God, Obed Badilla has never said no. Whether helping with children’s ministry, cleaning the church, leading prayer teams or visiting hospitals, Obed has said yes to serving others in whatever way […]

Andi Wallace

June 8, 2022

For Andi Wallace, working as an FBI special agent was more than investigations, stakeouts and long hours. It was a place where her faith and her work intersected to serve justice and provide support to […]

Dr. Joseph Okello

May 9, 2022

Dr. Joseph Okello sees God’s faithfulness in his failures as much as his successes. As a young man, he ran from God’s call to pastoral ministry to pursue a career at a prominent bank in […]

Ethan Oltremari

May 2, 2022

In high school, Ethan Oltremari started writing songs as a form of personal prayer and worship with no intention to perform. Now as Associate Pastor of Worship and Connectional Ministries at First United Methodist Church […]

Greg Kannon

March 15, 2022

Greg Kannon believes that music is a universal language that opens people’s minds and hearts to God. In 1997, Greg felt God’s call to pastoral ministry through a song on the radio. As a classically […]

Sarah Parham

December 17, 2021

After accepting Jesus at age 15, Sarah Parham wanted to tell everyone about Jesus. As she continued to work and serve others, Sarah realized she was wired to equip and empower others to serve God […]

Rosa Roman

December 17, 2021

In one of the darkest moments of Rosa Roman’s life, God called her to ministry. After she and her husband divorced in 2002, she and her son left Puerto Rico and traveled to Orlando, shattered, […]

Jennie Wheaton

December 17, 2021

Jennie Wheaton helps others discern their call to missions and ministry as a Mobilizer with TMS Global. Using her own missions experience and healing journey, along with training as a spiritual director and mental health […]