Last updated: September 21, 2021

Dr. Danny Román-Gloró serves others so that they can become kingdom builders. After graduating from college, Dr. Román-Gloró experienced God’s call to preach. He served as a bi-vocational pastor and church planter for 26 years prior to coming to Asbury Seminary. Now, he serves as Director of the Asbury Latino Center, helping students learn to better understand theology, church history, biblical studies, hermeneutics, and preaching in order to become pastors, theologians and leaders who are able to help their congregations understand the world through the lens of scripture.

“My job is driven by my personal mission statement,” Dr. Román-Gloró said. “I believe my mission is to develop men and women who will build the kingdom of God and become the men and women that God wants them to be. Everything I try to do is to move that mission forward.”

Even as Dr. Román-Gloró pastored, he also worked several jobs to help those in the vulnerable populations in which he lived. Throughout his 26 years as a bi-vocational pastor, he served within the federal prison system to help those struggling with addiction, worked to help prevent the spread of HIV, and worked for The Children’s Trust, an organization that uses county funding to create grants for private organizations to help children. With this organization, he managed contracts with organizations like YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc. for afterschool and Summer camp.

During that time, he also pursued a D.Min. in Preaching and Biblical Interpretation from Gordon Conwell and a Ph.D. in Communications and Media Studies from Regent University. As he approached graduation, he started praying about why he had been pastoring, teaching, serving and preaching. He explored questions such as, “Why did I feel called to work on a Ph.D.? Why do I love preaching? And why did I choose to get a doctor of ministry degree?” As he prayed and listened to the Holy Spirit, he realized he did all these things because he wanted to help pastors be better preachers.

“I kept going back to the why, not the how or the what,” he said.

With each new opportunity, Dr. Román-Gloró looks for ways to pursue his calling to make disciples. Although he currently works at Asbury Seminary, he believes it’s important to pursue and understand a calling that could be done anywhere, no matter your role in the world. For example, even while the apostle Paul was in prison, he was still being true to his calling by telling others about Jesus. Dr. Román-Gloró believes his calling is less about what he does and all about why he’s doing it.

“We have to reframe how churches mold and make disciples to learn to think about this mission that God has given us,” he said. “Our mission in Christ and what we feel called to do, we should be able to do it anywhere. If we can only do our calling in one place or in one way, then we need to re-think our calling.”

Now as director of the Asbury Latino Center, Dr. Román-Gloró helps students understand their identity in Christ, exegete the scriptures and teach their congregations sound theological doctrine. Through the Excellence in Preaching Initiative, he teaches workshops and leads retreats to support pastors in the Hispanic, Latino and African-American churches. His work with the Thriving in Ministry Initiative offers resources in pastoral training, self-care, and relationships, for Latino/Latina bi-vocational pastors help them navigate the challenges of working a full-time job and serving as a full-time pastor. This spring the Asbury Latino Center plans to release a new podcast called “Asbury Clave en Latina.” The podcast will release new episodes weekly about a variety of theological topics.

“The Asbury Latino Center is a bridge between the Latino community and Asbury Seminary,” he said. “We want to help the Latino community see the Seminary as a trusted resource and make those resources easily accessible.”

The Asbury Latino Center is a central place for all the Spanish-language and bilingual programs at Asbury Seminary. These programs are offered online, face-to-face and hybrid formats and reflect the best training and scholarship that the Seminary has to offer. The Asbury Latino Center houses the Bilingual Master of Arts in Ministry, a graduate certificate in Hispanic Ministry Formation, and the Latino Formation Program.

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