Today on the podcast we have Dr. Emilio Alvarez, Associate Provost of Lifelong Learning at Asbury Seminary. We talk about Dr. Alvarez’s latest book, “Pentecost: A Day of Power for All People,” and how learning from other church traditions expands our faith.

*The views expressed in this podcast don’t necessarily reflect the views of Asbury Seminary.

Dr. Emilio Alvarez, Associate Provost of Lifelong Learning

Dr. Emilio Alvarez is one of the up-and-coming scholars and commentators on the intersection of religious education and theology in America. As a ministerial practitioner, his vast experience within the Christian Church world-wide has positioned him as a prophetic voice, especially within Afro/Latino communities of faith. Currently, he serves as the Primate of the Union of Charismatic Orthodox Churches. He is also the founder and Rector of The Cathedral at Gathering Place in the city of Rochester, New York. Bishop Alvarez holds a Bachelors in Christian Education, a Master of Arts in Religious Education from New York Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. in Religious Education from Fordham University in the Bronx, New York and is currently pursuing a second Ph.D. in Divinity at Aberdeen University under the supervision of the Very Rev. Dr. John Behr. Bishop Alvarez is author of the book “Towards A Pentecostal Orthodoxy” (2021) with InterVarsity Press and was also a contributor to the IVP liturgical series, “The Fullness of Time: A Journey Through the Church Year” with his book, “Pentecost: A Day of Power for All People” (April 2023).

Wes Wilcox, host of Thrive with Asbury Seminary

Wes is a worship leader, artist and podcast host. He loves talking with people about their passions and what helps them thrive. When he is not drawing or playing music, he is likely relaxing with his best friend and wife, Heidi, and their dog Barney.