Today on the podcast we have Dr. Janet Dean, Professor of Pastoral Counseling Education at Asbury Seminary and Dr. Marcus Kilian, Associate Professor of Psychology at Asbury University. We talk about their experience teaching trauma-informed counseling in Ukraine this past May.



*The views expressed in this podcast don’t necessarily reflect the views of Asbury Seminary.

Dr. Janet B. Dean
Professor of Pastoral Counseling Education

Dr. Dean is an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene and has worked as an Affiliate Faculty Member at Asbury Seminary since 2002 and Professor of Psychology at Asbury University from 2008-2022. She currently serves as Associate Pastor of Pastoral Counseling at Lafayette Church of the Nazarene in Lexington.

With more than 20 years of experience in psychological assessment and treatment, Dr. Dean has worked across a variety of settings, including university counseling, community mental health, correctional and forensic psychology, and her ongoing private practice. Dr. Dean is actively involved with numerous professional organizations, including the Kentucky Counseling Association, the Kentucky Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association and its Division 36 Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. In addition to serving her denomination, she is on the board of two ministries, EQUIP and the Dayton Community Impact Center.

Dr. Marcus Kilian
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kilian was born and raised in Germany and enjoys working with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. His current professional work includes co-owning a part-time Christian counseling practice where he sees adult clients and serving as an Adjunct Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and Richmont Graduate University. He has been happily married for over 24 years and they have two adult children and a miniature poodle. He has published and co-published on Christian counseling, marital enrichment, psychology of religion, spiritual formation, and leadership formation/ development.

Wes Wilcox, host of Thrive with Asbury Seminary

Wes is a worship leader, artist and podcast host. He loves talking with people about their passions and what helps them thrive. When he is not drawing or playing music, he is likely relaxing with his best friend and wife, Heidi, and their dog Barney.