Guest Prep

This page offers details for guests on the Thrive with Asbury Seminary Podcast.

About Thrive with Asbury Seminary

Thrive with Asbury Seminary brings you interview-style conversations to help you thrive where your passions meet the world’s needs. Join us every-other-week to hear stories from people just like you and be inspired by world-renowned scholars, thought-leaders, and authors. Thrive seeks to help you learn about the variety of ways you can serve God, actively grow your relationship with God, take the next step in your faith and calling, and learn some practical next steps for growth.

The interviews are usually divided into three parts: about you and your calling, a specific topic in your expertise/book/album/ministry, and listener take-aways. Conversations are un-scripted and natural, as if we were two friends, or people who would like to be friends, getting to know each other over a cup of coffee.

Please listen to an episode or two prior to our recording so you can get a feel for how the conversations flow.

Intake Form

If you haven’t already done so, please fill out our guest intake form at your earliest conveniences to help us prepare for your conversation!

Technical Details

We’ll use Zencastr for remote interviews. Use Google Chrome as your browser (It won’t work otherwise.), headphones and a quite space. Please use a computer, not a tablet or a phone for our interviews. After our conversation is scheduled, I will send a Zencastr link. Only the audio will be used for the recording, but I like to have the video on while we chat. If we get disconnected, I will be in touch via email, so check there first.

In-person interviews will be held on the fourth floor of the Beeson International Center on the Seminary’s campus. (It’s building number 11 on the campus map.) Parking is available in lots E, F or C.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to our conversation!