Paul Korir sees himself in the faces of the poor, the less fortunate and those in the minority. He grew up humbly, often going to bed hungry and not having shoes to wear until he was 16. His local church blessed him with the opportunity to attend high school, and he found Christ when he was 20 years old. Now, as the First Bishop of Kapsabet Anglican Diocese in Kenya, he shares the hope of Christ with other youth like himself at risk because of poverty, political corruption and Islamic influences.

“Through networking and partnership, I seek to raise a godly future generation by allowing people to visit other cultures through mission trips and ministry together,” Paul said. “I want to serve as the voice of the voiceless and play a prophetic role at the local level, but remain cognizant of the global reality in matters of faith.”

After meeting Jesus, God placed a heavy burden on Paul’s heart to reach the lost for Christ. Even before becoming a clergy member, he often joined mission teams to share Christ’s love with others.

“I grew up in a humble environment, but God raised me from grass to grace and that’s why I am so passionate!” he said.

On May 7, 2016, Paul was elected First Bishop of Kapsabet Anglican Diocese. Prior to his election, he served as an ordained priest, starting in 1994. During that time, he focused his ministry primarily in the Psigor area doing evangelism, church planting and leadership development.

“I see myself serving a Church that is vibrant, relevant and connected to Christ and is a mission partner across the globe,” Paul said. “I see myself leading an empowered Church that responds actively, holistically and prophetically to the 21st century challenges that hinder the growth of the Church. The future of the Church is secured because of Christ.”

In Kenya, Paul works with the unemployed youth who can be easily manipulated by politicians as tools to further their own ends. These young people, often from poor families, are coerced into a life of crime for monetary gain.

Paul and the Diocese engage the youth through intentionally organized sporting events and youth rallies, conferences and symposiums throughout the parish. These initiatives provide entertainment, education and economic empowerment to address the issues of idleness and poverty.

“We shall equip the youth with knowledge and capacity through a series of sessions on the meaning of democracy,” Paul said. “We shall empower the youth to engage in issue-based politics and shun tribalism and politics of hatred and bitterness.”

Although the Islamic religion is growing at an alarming rate, Paul spreads the love found in Christ to his countrymen. Christian forums, chaplaincy programs and campus ministries provide a platform for the gospel message at schools, colleges and universities.

“This is an opportunity for ministry through the enhancement of the Gospel and social transformation ministry,” Paul said. “Our Gospel ministry and education will transform the lives and accelerate the change of attitude for many Kenyans.”

Paul is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Asbury Theological Seminary and expects to graduate in 2017. He and his wife Selline have two sons, Emmanuel and Samuel.

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