Last updated: October 18, 2021

Cristine “Tintin” Carnate-Atrero dreams of conquering the Philippines for Christ. As the first female District Superintendent of The United Methodist Church, Zambales District, West Middle Philippines Annual Conference, she oversees the work of the local churches, presides at Charge Conferences, and supervises the work of the pastors and pastoral appointments. Her goal for the future is to see churches revitalized and to equip the next generation to live faithfully integrated lives.

“My vision for the future is have fresh expressions of ministries,” she said. “Re-thinking church is what we need to work on right now to maximize every believer’s gifts and graces.”

Prior to being appointed district superintendent, Tintin served as Administrative Pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church and as chaplain at Olongapo Wesley School. Youth are and continue to be Tintin’s passion and joy. One of her favorite ministries is Youth Hotline that connects youth in high school and college to ministries within the city that fits their talents and interests. Hotline began in 1972 with 10 youths and two adults. Forty-five years later, they average 100-150 people weekly. Hotline is an ecumenical ministry and is committed to winning young souls for Christ.

Tintin’s love of young people grew from her own experience entering ministry at 18. Tintin believes that youth is a perishable talent, and she provides avenues for growth as they discover and cultivate their gifts and skills.

“I am complete when I am with young people,” Tintin said. “I feel secured and overwhelmed because I am surrounded with amazing future leaders.”

Through Hotline, Tintin has seen many young people overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Many who attend have been abused sexually, physically and emotionally. Yet, God continues to restore, not just one person’s life, but the lives of entire families. One young man started attending the Hotline youth ministry. Over time, his entire family started attending church and experienced God’s grace.

Tintin continues to equip the next generation of Christian leaders, working within the United Methodist Church to establish Young Leaders Academy 2019. The Academy provides an avenue to bring youth and young adults together to study, commit, and learn more about the Bible, mission, service, church, and leadership.

Tintin earned a D.Min. degree in the Faith, Work and Economics cohort. Her dissertation explores ways to disciple young people in the marketplace. As she continues to learn, her passion for young people grows and helps her see additional ways young people contribute to our society and ministry.

“It opens many doors of improvement and windows of opportunities on how to make youth ministries significant to the total life of the Church,” Tintin said.

Her dissertation “Young Disciples In The Marketplace: A Marketplace-based Discipleship Program of the United Methodist Young Adults of the Zambales District” explored the growing concern for declining young adult membership and diminishing church participation. Her dissertation sought to discern the reason behind this emerging problem and identify the faith development experiences of young adults in order to design a marketplace-based discipleship program.

“Our vision reveals our personal relationship to God,” she said. “Our dreams exhibit our faith. Our plans disclose our trust. Attempting something big for God, is a gift, and divine privilege.”

Through her life and ministry, Tintin seeks to leave a legacy to all she serves.

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