Small Group Curriculum

The Women Thriving in Ministry small group curriculum was created for women who are engaged in vocational ministry and seeking support through mentorship, colleague connection, and spiritual growth. It features up to twenty-two (22) lessons for groups of 3-5 women and one lead facilitator. Covered topics include: Calling, Soul Care, Pastoral Identity, Practical Ministry skills, Resilience, Authenticity, Thriving, and Well-Being.

Lessons and group meetings may be moved through at any pace – weekly, biweekly, monthly or customized to your group’s needs. Curriculum lessons may be downloaded separately, or as one comprehensive document.

Introductions & Forming a Community

WTIM Program Curriculum - Introduction Instructions Download
Meeting 1 —Introductions Purposes Download
Meeting 2 —Sharing Call Stories Download
Meeting 3 —Pastoral Identity Download
Meeting 4 —Soul Care Download
Meeting 5 —Practical Skills for Ministry Download
Meeting 6 - Mentor Spotlight Download

Cultivating Pastoral Practices

Meeting 7 — Navigating Through Ministry Intro Preaching Download
Meeting 8 — Navigating Through Ministry Leadership Visioning Download
Meeting 9 — Navigating Through Ministry Collegiality Download
Meeting 10 — Navigating Through Ministry Flourishing in Ministry Download
Meeting 11 — Navigating Through Ministry_ Women in the Workplace Download

Flourishing in Ministry

Meeting 12 —Daily Wellbeing Download
Meeting 13 — Resilience Download
Meeting 14 —Authenticity Download
Meeting 15 —Thriving Download

Discerning God's Voice: The Clearness Committee

Meeting 16 —Introduction of Clearness Committees Download
Meeting 17 —Clearness Committees, Session #1 Download
Meeting 18 — Clearness Committees, Session #2 Download
Meeting 19 —Clearness Committees, Session #3 Download
Meeting 20 —Clearness Committees, Session #4 Download
Meeting 21 —Clearness Committees, Session #5 Download

Celebrating and Transition

Meeting 22 —Final Meeting Download