Thrive with Asbury Seminary brings you interview-style conversations to help you thrive where your passions meet the world’s needs. Join us every-other-week to hear stories from people just like you and be inspired by world-renowned scholars, thought-leaders, and authors. Thrive seeks to help you learn about the variety of ways you can serve God, actively grow your relationship with God, take the next step in your faith and calling, and learn some practical next steps for growth.


Dr. Christine Pohl: Making Room–Living into Community
Dr. Christine Pohl: Making Room–Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition
Rev. Donna Covington: Racism, Justice and Reconciliation
Dr. Timothy C. Tennent: For the Body
Adam Weber: Love Has a Name
Thrive with Asbury Seminary Season Break
Dr. Jim Ramsay: Diaspora and Missions
Dr. Matthew Sleeth: Living 24/6
Community Conversation on Race: Church Leadership
Community Conversation on Race: Theology and Race Part 2
Community Conversation on Race: Theology and Race Part 1
Community Conversation on Race: Kingdom Leadership
Dr. Michael Peterson: C.S. Lewis and the Christian Worldview
Dr. Sharon Ketcham: Reciprocal Church
Keith Wasserman: Sharing God’s Kingdom with Others
Dr. Jonathan Powers: Faith, Art & Worship
Dr. Christine Johnson: Holiness and Death in the Theology of John Wesley
Dr. Chris Kiesling: Women, Development & the Journey of Faith
Deb Adams: Serving Those on the Margins
Rev. Brian Ebel: Calling, Church Planting & Transition
Mrs. Lisa Espineli Chinn: Engaging in Cross-Cultural Ministry
Heidy Jo Tandy: Helping Women Thrive as Church Planters
Rev. Stephanie M. Raglin: Finding Hope and Healing
Dr. Brian Taylor: Becoming an Agent of Reconciliation
Dr. Steve Stratton, Dr. Janet Dean, Dr. Mark Yarhouse: Listening to Sexual Minorities
Deanna Spangler: Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade
Randy Hardman: Coffee, Faith & Business
Season 2 Trailer
Season 1 in Review
Dr. Craig Keener: Experiencing the Presence of God
Eddie Kaufholz: Cultivating a Giving Heart
Rev. Teddy Ray: Calling and Community
Dr. Dorothy Smith-Hubbard: Reducing Anxiety of Persons
Rev. Donna Covington: Formation is a Journey
Rev. Carolyn Moore: Finding your identity as a woman in ministry
Dr. Winfield Bevins: Falling in Love with Liturgy
Rev. Jessica LaGrone: Discovering the Power of Jesus
Dr. Timothy Tennent: Attempt Something Big